Thursday, 6 July 2017

Man Beats Wife Up Because She Wants His Big Manhood

I would rather be fine with an SBM than to suffer with a BFN, this was probably what Trish must have decided in her mind when she confronted her husband Thabani on that fateful day. 
In case you are wondering what the acronyms means, I will educate you here and now: SBM means 'small but mighty' while BFN stands for 'big for nothing'. The wife was very proud of the husband's big penis but she was always disappointed because the husband cannot last long in bed.

"He just sleeps on top of me and after about four minutes he would be done. I would be still having urge to indulge but he just sleeps next to me. When I ask him to continue with the act he would say I am troublesome and promiscuous" lamented Trish.

On the day that Trisha confronted her husband about the situation, she did that just to ensure they talk it over and get a solution together but the husband would never have any of that as he felt demeaned and resorted to violence beating her up.

"After I discovered the problem and seeing that we have to save our marriage I spoke to him but he got angry and accused me of seeing other men. I stood my ground and told him that he fails to satisfy me in bed although he has a big thing. It gets flaccid after a few minutes of action" she narrated.

The wife has no choice than to take the matter to court in order to put an end to the serious beating she received from the husband. The husband on his side did not deny the fact that he mercilessly beat her up and was honest enough to confirm the wife's accusation.

"At the moment I am at loss of words and I don't know what to do. I beat her out of anger because she insulted me saying I was as useless as an ox" the husband admitted. He even went further to indicate that he has been to traditional herbal doctors to seek for help but could not get a lasting solution.

The presiding magistrate sternly warned the husband never to beat the wife again but rather they should go for counselling according to The Zimbabwe Mail.
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