Sunday, 23 July 2017

Angela Merkel Lost Same Sex Marriage Battle In Germany

A total of 623 parliamentarians were seated to decide the contentious issue of same sex marriage in Berlin the German capital and the votes were eventually 393 voting for same sex marriage, 226 voting against same sex marriage while 4 decided against voting. 

At the end of the day same sex marriage was legalised in Germany but there were facts to note with regards to the same sex marriage being legal in Germany.

1 The German Chancellor Angela Merkel was stoutly against same sex marriage and she even voted against it but that is all she could do as far as modern democracy is concerned. She strongly believe that marriage is a man and woman thing as clearly taught by traditional Christians.

2 Two political parties in Germany, Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union were also vehemently against same sex marriage; Angela Merkel belongs to the Christian Democratic Union.

3 A political party called the Social Democrats played a major role in ensuring Angela Merkel allow the same sex marriage vote to take place, they made it clear that that is what will guarantee their continual working together in other aspects.

4 Same sex marriage couples in Germany will now be allowed to adopt children because it is well known that it takes a man and woman to make children which is lacking in same sex marriage unions.

The final fate of the bill will be decided by the German upper house of parliament and in most cases that may just be a formality because having gone through the lower house, the upper house definitely will assent along the same line to make the bill a full law in Germany.
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