Saturday, 24 June 2017

Pastor Kills His Wife For Refusing Him Sex

A 54 year old pastor has broken one of the ten commandments that he was supposed to uphold by killing his 44 year old wife. The pastor of the Zion Church in Gwanda had strike his wife with a hoe handle twice when she refused to allow him have sex with her.
"I can confirm that we have arrested a man who killed his wife after she denied him conjugal rights. He handed himself to the police after committing the crime. We are investigating the matter" Narrated Inspector Philisani.

Ncube's wife Khumalo had been complaining of not feeling well and therefore has been telling the husband all the time that she could not have sex because of her condition.

"Ma Khumalo had been complaining of a sharp pain in her womb for some days. I think it was very intense and might have made sex uncomfortable. With our men of nowadays, they think if you can't have sex with them, you might be having it with someone else" A source narrated.

Ncube got really angry when the wife again told her she could not have sex with him when he desperately needed sex and resorted to violence.

"I heard some people say all was not well at their homestead. On Wednesday night there was shouting and we could hear it through the night. The following morning we heard Ncube had been arrested and his wife was dead." Narrated a source.

According to The Zimbabwe Mail, Inspector Ndebele had urged members of the public to shun violence and resolve issues peacefully.

"We are advising people to see counselling from other family members, church leaders or traditional leaders when in disputes. Fighting is never a solution but results in unnecessary loss of lives and injuries which also result in offenders being jailed." he said.
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