Sunday, 18 June 2017

Girl Uncles Had Sex With 6 Year Old After Luring Her With Biscuits

Kemigisa was one of several kids that are molested by men who could only best be described as heartless predators, she was far less than 10 years when her uncles started luring her with biscuits and having sex with her.

This started when she was just 6 years old and continued for five years. "My parents separated when I was 4 years old, so I stayed with my grand mother in Fort Portal. At six, I was molested by my uncles. They gave me pancakes for sex and asked me not to tell anyone"

After her primary education she proceeded to a girls only secondary school where she was eventually expelled for damaging a dormitory window in her second year in senior class. She was later taken back but thereafter joined peer groups, going to night clubs, drinking alcohol and sleeping around with men. 

During her senior three she got pregnant. "Everyone at school knew I was pregnant except me. I thought I had just gained weight. A relative came to school and told me my father was sick so I went to the hospital and I saw a nurse palpate (examine by touching) my stomach."

"A doctor gave me an injection and after a few minutes, I felt a lot of pain but did not know what it was. It is now that I understand they were labour pains. I heard the baby make a weak cry then it died."

After managing to complete her secondary education, she unfortunately got pregnant and tested HIV positive just after delivery, "I went into labour, gave birth to a baby without HIV but because I could not afford formula, I breastfed her. At seven months, my baby tested HIV positive and had to start on ARVs immediately" she narrated in tears. 

"I decided to go public so people could be more careful with their lives. I would take my ARVs in the taxi and wear earings or T-shirts that disclosed my status" she narrated. She join organisations that campaign against HIV where she sharpened her skills on ways of preventing and managing HIV positive persons.

Five years later Kemigisa got married to a man who was her neighbour and church member by name Michael. "I wanted to be more than a friend to her but she had told me it would not be possible because she was HIV positive and had a baby. But I had no problem with this even though I am negative, she had all the qualities I wanted in a woman" narrated Micheal.

The father to Micheal is a pastor and had said to his son out of anger and disappointment, "How do you know an avocado is rotten but go ahead and eat it." Kemigisa also recalled Micheal's father did not attend the introduction and wedding ceremony, "His father asked me why I wanted to kill his son"

According to the Daily Monitor "Kemigisa is the founder of Pill Power Uganda, a project that has for six months identified people living with HIV/AIDS, training them to recycle empty ARVs tins into useful objects. She empowers these people to use what the have to earn and also use the artifacts as sensitising tools because many people living negatively cannot imagine what it is like taking the medicines every day.
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