Thursday, 29 June 2017

Girlfriend Orders Wife To Sleep On The Floor In Her Matrimonial Home

Judith is a dare devil lady who against all odds have decided to follow her heart and damn the consequences. She has formed the habit of visiting her boyfriend Douglas on regular basis in his matrimonial home knowing fully well that Douglas is married and living with his wife.

Nakei the wife of Douglas got fed up with the whole exercise because each time the husband's girlfriend come visiting she always order the wife to sleep on the floor while she had sex with the husband. The girlfriend would usually come and spend up to a week prompting the wife to sue the girlfriend in a magistrate's court.

"Your worship, my husband's girlfriend started visiting our house this year in February and ever since she comes and goes as she pleases. Whenever she comes she orders me to sleep on the floor and has sex with my husband while I'm watching. I hate her behaviour and I don't want her to come to my house" lamented the wife.

The wife who is a non violent woman, had tried too talk sense into her husband's girlfriend but she would not listen and had therefore decided she could not put up with the husband's girlfriend because she is ill mannered.

"I tried to talk to her woman to woman so that she can at least do whatever she does with my husband away from my home but she told me she's here to stay and I'm the one who will go and leave her in my house"

"Whenever she's in my house she uses my property including my blankets, pots and she never washes them. She also uses the toilet and does not clean after her mess" lamented the wife.

The girlfriend Judith on the contrary denied all the allegations, she claimed she had known Douglas for 26 years and also admitted she know Douglas has been married to the wife for 22 years. According to The Zimbabwe Mail, the girlfriend further said she only went to Douglas house because he stole her documents which she wanted to retrieve.

"We have been renting a house together and he usually came to my house to spend days and therefore I feel like he's my husband too" 

"I only go there because I need my documents and besides I'm not a small house because I fell in love with Douglas 26 years ago. He introduced me and my kids to his mother so I'm his wife too" narrated the girlfriend Judith.

"Ms Judith, you shall stay away from Douglas' residence and shall not conduct yourself in a manner which is likely to result in a breach of peace" ordered the presiding magistrate.
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