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Father to Daughter: Eat Raw Frogs and Fish Only For Luck

A girl was ordered by her father to eat raw frog and fish to enable him have supernatural powers. The father who is a traditional healer also told her, never to wear panties in addition, otherwise she would end up dead. The only thing she was allowed to wear was a string of beads round her waist.

"I have never worn underwear in my life and my father said if I ever did I would die. I used to eat lots of raw fish and frogs including mud to survive"

This was because the father had sacrificed her spirit to a mermaid in exchange for spiritual powers.  

"I have always known that I am not just an ordinary human being following what my father told me"

When Keketso complained to her father that she was getting tired of her lonely and weird lifestyle, the father advised him to bring a close friend of hers so he could sacrifice her spirit also to the mermaid in order for her to have a companion.

"When I told my father I was getting tired of my lifestyle, he told me to look for a close friend who would also get accustomed to the orders he had given me so that one day we could sacrifice her"

Keketso eventually got a partner, the daughter of a man who used to regularly come to his father for spiritual healing. The two girls eventually took to prostitution; their weird diet and the waist beads string they wear was believed to bring good luck to them as they got between 6 to 10 customers every night which was good business.

"I could get any man I wanted and made lots of money because of my father's juju but surprisingly the money used to disappear."

"We do not have anything to show that we were making lots of money as it disappeared and we spend the remaining one on beer" Keketso narrated.

Keketso and Yvonne were returning from a bar one day when they met a prophet with a great number of believers who had come to seek the face of the prophet.

"There is a day when I was in the company of my friend coming from a beerhall when we saw lots of people gathered."

"We then heard that they had come for help from a prophet. That is when I told my friend Yvonne to insult him and see whether he had powers" Keketso narrated.

Keketso secret identity was exposed when she tried to insult the prophet and test his powers. Yvonne who had tried so hard to keep her lifestyle with Keketso secret was not left out in the exposure.

"I do not know what happened thereafter as when I woke up we were also part of the congregants receiving prayers" Keketso narrated.

According to The Zimbabwe Mail, the Mozambique prophet Madzibaba Stephen broke the girls bondage and asked them to eat whatever they like and also to start wearing panties as nothing would happen to them even if they did. 

They thereafter stopped prostitution and also the drinking of beer to their relief but Keketso's father would never have anything of that.

"When I phoned my father, he just picked up the phone and told me that I was no longer his daughter and that I must never come back home."
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