Sunday, 18 June 2017

Father Gets Her 14 Year Old Daughter Pregnant And She Delivers A Baby Boy

An unnamed man became a grandfather through the most unusual way on earth, his 14 year old daughter gave birth to a baby boy after he repeatedly had sex with her. The man has sent away the mother of his two kids aged 14 and 5 who are both girls because of unending domestic violence.

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The father also was sleeping with the 5 year old and as result mutilated her vagina resulting in the 5 year old being sent to hospital for surgery; this was after he discovered that the 14 year old was three months pregnant.

The two girls were taken away from their father when the discovery was initially made; the 14 year old was sent to children's home for pre-natal care prior to her being delivered of the baby. This has been going on for 2 years with the father threatening both girls with death if they ever disclose the sexual abuse to anyone.

"He forced me to be sleeping with him and told me he would killed me if I report him to anybody" narrated the 14 year old.

"Our lives have been completely destroyed. We don't know where to go and how we will continue with our education. We wish our parents would re-unite and bring us up with love just like other children out there" she said in tears.

Ms Kimanzi who is in charged of the rescue centre where the two girls are now being cared for said, "The matter is currently with the police who have arrested the suspect and we expect the case to proceed in court once social workers and legal officers compile all relevant information to prosecute the case"

This happened in Machakos County in Kenya as reported by Standard Digital.
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