Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Father Ask His Son To Sleep With His Mother

Mr. Midrof took a weird decision to convince his wife Kerida to sleep with two of his relatives and the wife did not hesitate to grab the offer. The wife initially was sleeping with the husband's nephew by name Jefias before being passed to his son Saxson.

Kerida was said to have been sleeping with the husband's nephew Jefias until he died prompting the husband to make the alternative arrangement for the wife to sleep with his son Saxson. The man reportedly traveled out town for two months after firming the arrangement between his son and the step mother, this he did to allow them time to bond without distraction.

It did not take long before Kerida's children noticed that Saxson their step brother was sleeping with their mother and thereafter decided to report the matter to the village head who in turn took the matter to the village chief.

During the trial of Kerida and Saxson in the village court, they both confessed that whole idea was hatched by Midrof their husband and father respectively. Midrof thought the only way to cover his impotency as well as to stop his wife from leaving him for other men was to hand her over to first his nephew then his son to help him out.

"I presided over a matter whereby a man was having an incestuous relationship with his stepmother after being asked by his father whose manhood no longer functions." narrated Chief Nemangwe.

According to The Zimbabwe Mail, B-Metro has it that the man was fined accordingly for his misdeed as a consequence.

"I ordered the man to pay a cow for putting his wife and son in such awkwards positions" concluded Chief Nemangwe.
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