Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Girl Caught With 7 Clothing Hidden In Her Bikini

This video clip of a girl who managed to tuck in 7 pieces of clothing around her privates is incredibly awesome! I have watched the clip circulating on social media over and over again and I am amazed not at the fact that she stole but at the skills she had put in to perfect her scheme and most likely it was technology that must have outsmarted her. There is need to be explain point by point before you really can come to terms with what there is to applaud. 

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1. Her Phone
It was likely a call came into her phone and boy see where she took that phone from! You would never know she had a phone concealed there. See her she smoothly reach out for the phone and slip it out! That reminded me of a Michael Jackson track titled 'Smooth Criminal'; you could see her answer her call calmly without much stress or panic and that is quality.

2. Her Gown
The Gown she had on was cleverly selected for the job and the clothing she stole were adequately concealed under the gown. There is no way you would have suspected her if she walk past you with what she had on her coupled with the fact that the stuffing did not affect her movement in any serious way.

3. Her Bikini 'Pouch'
She had this spot on! She had created what I call a 'Kangaroo Pouch' out of a mere bikini short, cleverly crafted with an opening slit that was to enable her stuff in all the clothing with ease with such craftsmanship that is unique. Just like the Kangaroo pouch would conceal her baby, she was able to incredibly tuck in 7 pieces of clothing comfortably to everyone's amazement and that is top class!

4. Her Composure
Girls are known to always break down easily when under intense and humiliating conditions but this was not to be her portion. She remained relatively calm and collected though she had that look of: 'well that's it, the damage has been done so do not stress further. Today is surely a bad day' No tears, no panic!

5. Boutique Owner
I do not know how the whole episode ended as I am restricted only to the video clip I had that ended at the point where all the clothing has been removed from her 'pouch', 7 in total. I commend also the composure of the Boutique Owner who did not resort to barbaric means of molestation, abuse or physical assault as it is very common to see such thieves being physically assaulted and sometimes delivered to mobs for jungle justice then resulting death.

This girl has got real skills that she could harness positively, which means she would need counselling and coaching to put her talents to fruitful use. She either stole those clothing for use or for sale but it is most likely for use; worst still, she could just be an errand thief that has a boss out there that prepares and direct her on what to steal and where to steal them. The call she took might be from her boss man or lady but in any case we all need a second chance whether or not charges are pressed!

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