Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Sexy Story of Love and The Glass Bottle

The Sexy Story of Love and the Glass Bottle will interest you! Love arguably should be one of the most used word everywhere, every time among persons of divers ages and tongues. In the same vein, there is undoubtedly no home you will walk into and will not find a glass bottle. Glass bottles are made from sand and going by the biblical account of creation, man was also fashioned from sand; funny enough.

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Love on the other hand, is associated mostly with humans which goes to show that there is a base connection between the glass bottle and love. Lets talk about the symbol of love and the mouth and neck of the glass bottle.

Love is associated with the feelings of the heart and we tend to understand the symbol of love ordinarily as the shape of the heart which actually is wrong. Those who established the symbol of love were more farther away in thoughts from representing the shape of the heart. The love symbol with a V-center at the the top arching both ways and tapering downwards towards a pointed base has more of a radical and sexy meaning than just symbolizing the shape of the human heart.

The symbol of love was actually conceived during sex, specifically oral sex. The symbol must have originally been used to communicate by the male to the female partner and vice versa about the desire for blow job or head. To understand the love symbol origin, get the approval of your partner to give you a  head or blow job. Sit on a low chair or bed and let your partner give you a head or blow job in a kneeling position while he or she is naked facing you. Relate what you see of his or her backside with the love symbol and you will discover what I told you is right. The V-center is the separation of the two halves of the backside, the arching both ways represents the two cheeks of the buttocks that tapers down towards the waist. The pointed base is just an exaggeration of the waist line. This is more evident in the case of the female because of her unique features.

The beer or soft drink glass bottle will definitely be found in any home you walk into, we all drink from each of these containers on a regular basis and little did we know about the inspiration behind the design of the mouth and neck of the glass bottle especially the narrow neck types. The design is not just a coincidence, it seems to me that our earlier parents were very much influenced by sex and the glass bottle is also another good example of that influence.

The influence of making the neck and mouth of the glass bottle the way it is also has to do with sex and it is oral sex once again! I do not know if it is a woman or a man that design this but take good note of it, that each time you drink from a beer or soft drink bottle, you are actually like sucking a dick! The neck of the bottle is designed to look like the body of the penis while the head of the bottle actually is fashioned after the head of the penis. You can actually see this from where the neck of the bottle joins what I call the head of the bottle when you compare the penis and the bottle. The upper ring design was done to ensure closure locking with a crown cork which is a required technicality that was unavoidable.

This is the end of the sexy story of love and the glass bottle and I hope you enjoyed every but of it!
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