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Mathematical Equations of The Shapes of Girls

The figures on the left of the equations stands for the word Shape.

The first figures on the right side of the equation represents the side view structure of the shape of a girl.

The second figures on the right side of the equation represents the back or front view structure of the shape of a girl.

S = P + Y .......... (1)
Girls with this shape are busty with comparatively flat buttocks when viewed from the side which is why the letter P applies. These girls are heavy from the shoulder down to the waist but are lighter from the waist down. When viewed from the back or front you see their size tapper from the shoulder down to the waist line.

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These girls have a faster tendency to develop muscles if they work out because they natural have the physique of a body builder.

They are usually good in sports such as Shot Put, Discus and Weight Lifting. They also make good Bouncers and Wrestlers if they are on the taller side.

WWE superstar Kharma is good example of a woman under this equation. 

S = S + 8 .......... (2)
Girls under this equation are both busty and have big asses plus hips; their shape from the side view are very like the inverted letter S having boobs pushing forward as well as an ass that is forcing backwards. This is one of the shapes that everyone mostly refers to also as figure 8 when viewed from the back or front with a comparatively small waist line.

This shape in a moderate form is what most celebrities strive for and sometimes pay for and get it through plastic surgery. Ladies who are in showbiz, singers, models and all those who are in the business of looking good for the general public definitely want to look this shape on the average.

Amber Rose is a very good example of a woman under this equation.

S = d + 8 .......... (3)
These girls are close to those in the preceding equation except that they have more hips but have less boobs. Side view looks like the figure d meaning a comparatively small breast but more hips plus great ass and these makes them look more free and gorgeous in their movement in comparison with those under equation 2. Back or front view is neatly like the figure 8 but with the lower part of the eight wider because they have more hips.

These categories of girls are found also in showbiz as models, dancers, singers, strippers and are among the beautiful when you tend to classify women.

Nicki Minaj is a good example of a lady under this equation.

S = I + 1 .......... (4)
These are the slim or skinny girls category; they are the letter I types not because they do not have boobs or ass but because their are comparatively very small and rounded off. They do no have curves, boobs or ass that are very outstanding like those in other equations and that is why the figure I or letter 1 easily classify them.

There are singers, actors, models and many more that comes under this equation, in some cases these girls are used as benchmark for fitness which I do not totally agree with because at various areas of the world preferences change from race to race.

A good example of a woman under this equation is Lupita Nyogo'o.
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