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5 Facts You Should Know About Sexual Activities

Early one morning a female friend sent me a text message stating I should ask her just any question with the assurance that she will be 100% sincere in her answer. This was one the variety of fun messages that are usually passed around between family, friends and colleagues on social media. 

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My question to her was that for the 3 previous sex she has had, she should name the guy(s) that she had those sex with.

This question was met with no reply and for that I already known the answer. She had possibly on those 3 occasions had sex with 3 different guys and she could not to be proud to say that to me which is why she kept mute about my question.

There are 3 main types of sex that I have previously addressed in a former article but I also want to look beyond that here and try to group sexual activities irrespective of the motive behind the sexual activity. With a blind eye to the motive behind every sexual activity, I have identified 5 groups with reference to the frequency of the sexual activity and special consideration to whichever partner that was involved.

Any duration of sex that leads to organism and causes a pause in the sexual activity irrespective of whether it is the man or the woman who cum is counted as one sex-round. A collection of sex-rounds that occur simultaneously until all sexual activities are stopped within a period of time is counted as one sex-meeting. The above will guide us in grouping sexual activities as Super Chronic, Chronic, Abnormal, Normal and Super Normal.

1. Super Chronic Sexual Activity
This is common with commercial sex workers who operate from brothels where people are allowed to come in have a sex-round for a fee and leave. Services here are rendered per sex-round and fees are paid also in like manner. Serial rapists also fall in this category.

Super Chronic sexual activity is when you have more than 14 sex-rounds with 14 different partners and still counting in that direction.

2. Chronic Sexual Activity
This is mostly associated with persons who could be part-time commercial sex workers or call girls who operate from their homes as the case may be. They may have target number of clients they can entertain primarily because they operate from home and would not want to disturb the peace of their neighbours. Rapists also fall in this category.

Chronic sexual activity is when you had between 2 to 14 sex-rounds with different individuals.

3. Abnormal Sexual Activity
This is more associated with hawkers or red light district sex workers. These are the persons who mostly operate in the night and spend the night with their client for an agreed fee. They may be found in dark strategic street corners, in public drinking bars or may be operating online. One of their feature is to dress provocatively to attract the opposite sex for patronage.

Abnormal sexual activity is when a person had more than 3 sex-meetings with 3 different persons progressively.

4. Normal Sexual Activity
This is common with normal relationships where the emphasize is not on making money so to speak. It is not strange these modern times that quite a greater proportion of persons are unfaithful in relationships be it boy and girl relationships or husband and wife relationships. This group involves those called adulterers, fornicators and cheaters. If you have divorced or left one relationship for another relationship, trust me you also belong here.

Normal sexual activity is when a person had between 2 - 3 sex-meetings with different persons overtime.

5. Super Normal Sexual Activity
The is most possible in partial compliance where either the man or the woman may have never had sex with any other apart from his or her partner. Full compliance is practically impossible in the real sense of things.

Super Normal sexual activity is a true situation where both partners have never had sex with any other persons apart from their partner.
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