Thursday, 21 July 2016

3 Ways To Keep The Pen!s Good and Ready

There are some simple ways to keep your pen!s good and ready which will take little of your time but will add much value to your overall performance in terms of sex.

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1. Do The Pleasure Wave Test Daily
This is one thing you should at least do twice a week or daily depending on your preference and it is what I refer to as the sensitivity test. This test is aimed at sustaining and improving the sensitivity of the pen!s.

You should do this when you are about to take your bath especially in the morning and you must use warm water of about 15 degree Centigrade above ambient temperature. It must be the first water that touches your body that morning apart from your hands. Put the water in a bucket and use not less than 750 millimeters container to collect water from the bucket, then pour it slowly over your privates.

You should feel slight shock waves pleasure in your head almost close to what you feel when you are just being given a head or same feeling you have at your initial penetration during sex. This feeling is an indication that your pleasure stick is ready, good and sensitive.

2. Do The Fill Up Test Daily
It is a simple fact that the human body needs to be moved around and the all of the joints needs to be flexed most continuously in order get it to be in good shape always. The more exercise you do either directly or indirectly the more healthier you are going to feel that will lead to great body activities.

The pen!s as a sensitive part of the human body do as well needs exercise in it's own form, i.e. filling it up with blood to achieve erection. I do not go a day without having a full erection even when I am not to make love and this is what I refer to as exercising the pen!s. The pen!s needs to on a daily get an erection but I would not recommend you masturbating to achieve this, rather I would recommend you work out ways of your own on how to achieve that erection.

You could resort to watching sex movies, reading sexy magazines or generating thoughts of good moments you have had before to ignite the feeling that should get the pen!s to an erection. The purpose is that the pen!s needs to undergo this on a daily basis to be in good shape.

3. Do The Plunger Test Routinely
I once was speaking with a married female friend who told me that she seldom have sex and she said it in such a lousy way that mean to indicate sex is not all that important; surprisingly too, her husband has bought into this and they could go a couple of months without sex. I am not against this decision since it is based on the understanding both parties have as married couples but I think such persons who share same belief as them should take some few moments and read 'How To Know Your Health Status Through Sex' and see if they have the right to abstain from sex for so long.

The plunger test I refer to here means to actually have sex and on a regular basis too. The essence of doing the above tests is to keep the pen!s fit as a fiddle in order to be able to have good sex whenever; the taste of the pudding they say is in the eating. Ultimately having regular sex is the most paramount method of always keeping the pen!s in good form as it is the only way to effectively validate the The Pleasure Wave Test and the Fill Up Test.

It is a known fact from experience that having sex on an increased regular basis has shown to have the ability to increase the size of the pen!s by a few inches up to the extent that you can actually notice the increase in size. This increase though is only sustained when you continually keep having sex because you actually loose the size as soon as you drop the frequency of sex you are having.
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