Thursday, 19 May 2016

4 Reasons Some Men Pay For Sex At Unbelievable Rate

Women tends to want to be involved in sex that is compatible, comfortable and profitable for them; they would not want to get involved in a situation where their basic requirements in bed and off bed are not met. 

Men on the other hand always want to have the woman of their choice handy to get down with and always prefer women of physical qualities whereas a woman prefer a man who ‘make sense’ in bed without any attendant risk or resentment. Men would therefore go that extra mile to lure a woman with unbelievable amount of cash to make up for whatever setbacks the man has. Some men therefore generously pay extravagant amount for sex because of lack of confidence or lose of confidence.

Some guys have a large pleasure stick while some others have a diminutive pleasure stick and it is a general notion that vast majority of girls do not prefer either of the two, only a very small percentage of girls would have preference for the both and probably just for a try and not on a continuous basis. 

Men in this category soon realize this and and tend to beat the setback by using financial leverage to get what they want; these guys could part with comparatively good sum of money to ensure they have a bed mate. In the case of the diminutive pleasure stick, the major basis of paying high amount is also to ensure the girl see the guy as a nice guy and do not go about telling others how lowly endowed the man is and this to a small extent also applies to guys with monstrous pleasure sticks.

A fraction of guys have this problem which can be quite disgusting to every female partner and to the guy himself especially when the girl starts making it an issue. Premature ejaculation do not deprive the man from having that voluptuous bliss associated with orgasm except that it is seen as measure of weakness and inadequacy which culminate in a psychological imbalance. The man is made to psychologically believe that he has a problem even when he can reach orgasm and have kids.

As embarrassing as this has been made to be, the man therefore will use financial power to keep having bed partners and also he has to be extra nice to ensure each girl he is involved with do not let the cat out of the bag to avoid stigmatization.

This is damn embarrassing if you have been very sexually active all your time and you are then suddenly faced with this ugly condition. There is nothing that makes sexually active guys more stupid than just seeing yourself being confronted with the inability to get erection right in front of your ‘menu’. The girl is just as embarrassed as the guy especially after trying every trick to smuggle life into the flaccid 'round peg' so it could fit in the 'round hole'.

Guys who are sexually active could accidentally find themselves in this condition and also guys who are in such condition but got revved up only to lose it at the point of action. They have to cover their tracks by financial means as it is of no good news to spill the bean of these conditions. You have to pay as agreed and additionally to ensure that every Tom, Dick and Harry do not get wind of your inadequacies.

Extra physique is what I call guys with pot belly, guys who are overweight, guys who are diminutive and guys who are extra huge. These guys are not always the first choice of every girl round the corner not because they are bad but just because they are exceptional comparatively.

This crop of guys are not the ladies delight until they are able to prove that they can make it up to the girls by putting more cash on the table to make the action take place. It is only when the money is extra right that girls can sum up the courage to give it a go.
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