Sunday, 10 April 2016

The True Family Components and Hierarchy

The word FAMILY holds a lot in itself. The chronological order of the alphabets rings a lot of bell to me and I assume it should be also to you by the time you finish reading this. The total number of its characters on its own is like real numbers, they are 6 and they indicate family size. See how I see what the word FAMILY really tells us which you may disagree or agree with depending on your assumptions, motives, intentions, ambitions and religion or non-religion.

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The first alphabet of the word FAMILY is F and that for me stands for the Father. The Father is the head of every family wherever in the world both from religious, social and traditional perspectives and there is no disputing this fact. The wife and kids typically look up to the Father to protect, provide and direct the family unit though a lot has made this a little bit blurred but overall this is the standard perspective.

The second alphabet of the word FAMILY is A and that stands for Addison for the purpose of this narration. Addison is the first child of the union be it girl or boy and Addison is surprisingly next in hierarchy after Father. If Addison is a girl there is every tendency that the father will take her so dear to his heart and place her above the mother when it comes to attention and it is rare for the mother to complain and kick against her own daughter. Addison being a boy is the joy of the mother, she sees the husband in him just the father does with Addison the girl. The mother cannot put him above the father but rather she puts him above herself and she is happy about that.

The second alphabet of the word FAMILY is M and that for me stands for Mother; the mother finds herself in this position because of the love she has for Addison or the love the father has for Addison. The mother remains the toughest component of the family, she is the centre of strength and she has the combined abilities to receive, hold and give.

The fourth alphabet of the word FAMILY is I and that for me stands for Imani. Imani is the second child of the family and the fourth in hierarchy in the family order. Imani brings support and joy to Addison as a sibling and friend.

The fifth alphabet of the word FAMILY is L and that for me stands for Lalita. Lalita is fifth in hierarchy in the family component so to speak and the third child in the family.

The sixth alphabet of the word FAMILY is Y and that for me stands for Yanick. Yanick is the sixth in hierarchy in the family component and the fourth and last child by extension.

The four-child family structure widely supported by government policies in most parts of the world seems to draw from the word FAMILY which comprises husband, wife and four children.

The hierarchy refers to above is going by age and not by any other standard.
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