Monday, 18 April 2016

5 Reasons Your Partner Want To Have Sex With You

Some partners use this means to get ‘financial breakthrough’ by making the other partner feel highly obliged to fund them. They do this when they know their partner is psychologically weak and feel so attached to them emotionally; they therefore capitalizes on this to keep reaping financial gains.

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Once a partner establishes this circle in the other partner, they take full advantage of it and keeps exploiting it over and over again.

This usually happens between a gold digger and a wealthy partner or between a caring and greedy partner. If you want to know and confirm the greedy or gold digger motive just tell your partner anytime they attempt to have sex with you that you have no dime to part with henceforth and back it up with action and see how they will back out either instantly or gradually regardless of how much love they has claim to have for you.

Guys are guiltier of this especially in relationship. The girl might not be getting the required attention probably due to multiple distractions the guy is having but the guy becomes jealous when he sees other guys paying attention to his girl either publicly or on social media. The reaction of the guy at these times is to initiate sex with the hidden fear that if he does not do it other guys might take advantage and his girl might not be able to resist.

These kinds of guys are naturally jealous, they would want to know the last caller whenever their girl answers a call, they would want to know what text messages that are in your phone and they would always want to know who and who you did visit or you did not visit.

This is borne out of care by every partner and the understanding that it is a responsibility to satisfy each other in a relationship; there is usually no strings attached except that it is something that each partner understand they both need as a unifying component of the relationship. In some cases, one of the partner make so much sacrifice because they might not be getting sexual satisfaction as their basic aim is to satisfy their partner and hardly reach organism.

This is what determines if partners are more of friends, soul mates, husband and wife, father and mother or cohabitants; details of which has been posted in a later article 'The 4 Aspects in Marriage' on this blog.

One of the partner or both may be sexually active persons and therefore see sex as a factor of existence, they love to have it as much as it is possible. This is a good and healthy situation in a relationship when both parties are sexually compatible. It needs careful management when only one person in the relations is sexually active, therefore other means that are acceptable to the needy party should be sought to ensure there is no buildup of frustration and subsequent dissatisfaction that may lead to infidelity.

It is easy to know when both parties are sexually active in a relationship from the way they show their love for one another in public either when together or not together. There is this strong bond of friendship that make people refer to them as soul mates.

This is selfish approach to sex; it is when a partner has sex with the other just for personal satisfaction. The partner sees the other partner only as a means or tool of sexual satisfaction regardless of whether the other person gets the same satisfaction or not. Guys are guiltier of this though some women also exhibit this behavior. Men with premature ejaculation and women who cum quickly always falls in this category as they readily say ‘please I am tired’ or ‘please I am okay’ and quickly get out of bed.

In men, this might happen backed by a cultural practice where the woman is relegated as the sex giver while the man is seen as the owner and taker whenever he has need for sex. Socially also, this might happen when the man pay either in cash or kind to have sex with the female.
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