Thursday, 31 March 2016

The 4 Types of Death

Physical Death
Physical death is the death we all know, which we also refer to as passing on, kicking the bucket; it is when the heart stops, the brain shuts down, the body turns cold and still, thereafter deterioration sets in and the body decomposes. 

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This is one death that the human race has not been able to come to terms with, we never get use to it, even that it has happened around us over and over again we still feel the sharp sting whenever it strikes and we still cry our eyes out with a heavy heart. This remains a mystery.

Dismas died this death because Jesus said to him on the day he was to die with him on the cross: 'today you will be with me in paradise'.

Psychological Death
William Shakespeare rightly said ‘Cowards die many times before their death’ the death he refers to here is psychological death. Psychological death is that chilling fear you have when faced with life threatening challenge which makes you feel that you are as good as dead even before you face such challenge. It is the thin but delicate line that separates the brave from cowards, heroes from villains.

This was the death Peter died that led to him denying Jesus 3 times before the cock crow.

Emotional Death
This is a very delicate scenario, it has to do with separation and the mind, in fact emotional death is exactly the same thing as heartbreak. It might be heartbreak as a result of the termination of a very intimate love affair or sudden taking away of a dear one from one by death. It is the greatest of disappointments that really can never be compensated for, the greatest of losses that can never be recovered. It is a huge disappointment resulting irreparable loss.

Mary the mother of Jesus died this death after the death of Jesus on the cross.

Spiritual Death
The final termination of the spirit, soul and body is what spiritual death is; this is the end point of existence where the person concerned ceases to reincarnate. For those that believe in reincarnation, this is when reincarnation is no longer possible either because the soul committed an unforgivable trespass or it has fulfilled its task or usefulness. For those that do not believe in reincarnation, spiritual death is when the soul has sinned and therefore has to die. Traditionalist, this is when an ancestor has ceased to be one either by commission or omission, it is when an ancestor is sentenced or caused to die for reasons best known to those in the land beyond.

Gestas died this death though his reward was not mentioned by Jesus but ultimately he deserve just this death.
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