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The 4 How of Age, Money and Relationships

The Between 16 and 22
Girls and boys want to look their best at this age in terms of personal hygiene and appearance. Where they do not have the luxury to change many wears, they ensure the ones they have are kept neat and presentable to look their best.

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At these ages they may not be attracted to the opposite sex as in striking a boy-girl relationship especially back in the days but now things are different in most of the cases.

The basis for the relationship is to show off and to prove they belong; the forces of attraction maybe the dress code, the voice, academic ability, facial attraction or sports prowess. The girl goes into this relationship not for financial gains and the boy on the other hand ensure he looks his best in appearance. They both share whatever they have and make do of whatever they can afford but in exceptional cases the girl may behave differently outside of her age expectations.

The Between 22 and 28
The factors that gets boy girl into a relationship are now expanded at these ages. 

The boy now wants to impress his girl not with just his appearance but also the ability to take care for her petty needs as the case may be. The girl now places more emphases on her appearance needing more resources to improve this; the clothing she wears, the makeup she wears and the associated quantity may be beyond what her parents will sanction. She therefore has to find someone to shoulder the responsibility and who else other than a boyfriend. 

There is complication at this age range, girls tend to look beyond this age bracket in other to have someone who can conveniently shoulder her needs at all times while the boys tend to go down to the youngest in order not to strain their pockets. 

Girls may marry or turn to prostitution to finance their needs and boys may turn to crimes in order to raise money to finance the needs of their girls.

The Between 28 and 40
The intensity for financial sufficiency is hyped here; there is pressure on the male to pay for marriage rites and ceremony which will be from the female friend and both parents of the two partners. 

If by accident the female becomes a single mother then pressure mounts also on her to raise her child alone and she has to work and make money at all cost even if it is prostitution. 

In the event of marriage all attention are shifted from personal to collective as kids starts coming into the home and there is continual pressure for financial sufficiency for the average and less than average families.

The Between 40 and 60
At this point relationship is further strengthened by friendship not money. 

The major difference here and the between 28 and 40 above is the fact that at a point, offspring from here are now ready to begin the circle of the between 16 and 22 above. 

In the closing stages here the union is already forged, marriages here are often broken due to activities outside the marriage rather than within.
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