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Sexual Appeal and the 5 Senses

The Eyes
Visuals is the first selling point for sexual appeal; you get attracted to the opposite sex by what you see either in terms of body built and features or by body adornment. This is what really paves the way for further interest in starting any intimate relationship and by far it is the most single factor that has forced wooing mostly by the male counterparts.

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The areas that are scanned by sight that could trigger sexual interest comprise the eyes, the lips, the face, the boobs, the backside, the legs, body shape, body size and height. In addition, chats, clothing, ornaments, makeup used to amplify, compliment or supplement any of the aforementioned features could make a big impact on whichever features and give a forced sexual appeal.

If you want to have a lot of suitors, it will be very important that you objectively assess yourself to know which body features you need to further enhance to boost the interest of the opposite sex in you but not over beautifying yourself as it may lead to trouble when your true self is exposed. It has been widely noted that ‘the way you dress is the way you are addressed’ and also it is said though that ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’.

The Ears
Hearing comes after the visuals but it is the first stage for those who are blind and then second for those who can see. The female in most cases are said to be more moved by what they hear far more than by what they see but this is not for today’s ‘bad chicks’; the clothing you put on, the car you drive, the crib you live in and the sight of expendable money is enough to keep the ball rolling just as you want it. On the other hand the availability of these acquisitions owned by the female may scare away some guys who have lower self esteem and prevent them from pushing for a relationship with a woman.

The opposite sex may be captivated by your voice tone, if you can sing, the way you laugh and how convincing you are. Whatever you say and is heard is used as a yardstick to measure your honesty, commitment and seriousness, as the key in basic communication is hearing and talking.

When you are engaging the opposite sex in conversation for the first time, a lot of messages are involuntarily sent out, this time it could be maybe you are naïve, timid, shy or overwhelmed. It could also show how confident, mature and respectful you are. You must take proper precautions to act calm and collected and do not give away too much apprehension.

The Touch
Depending on the circumstances, contact may immediately follow when meeting a person for the very first time; this might take the form of handshake, what I call side kissing and or a hug. That first hug, side kiss or handshake matters a lot and proper advantage of that should be taken to convey a desirable message that should be long lasting.

The handshake will send a message by the feel of the palms, the tightness of the grip, the duration of the grip and sometimes the use of the index finger to scratch the palm of the opposite sex means ‘I am ready to go down with you’. The hug or side kiss could be soft, tight and most especially the body odour or body scent of both tells a big tale.

The touch has so much also to do with the Nose in terms of when you hug or side kiss the opposite sex, much care therefore is required to ensure you are ready for a hug or kiss all the time as there could be total turn off if issues of odours caused by bacteria kill the anticipated joy.

The Nose
Smell, be it offensive or good is of paramount importance and it is the source of the easiest turn off or turn on; the nose for me is a ‘bad guy’ always there to reveal whatever the situation is, be it pleasant or unpleasant.

For most people which includes me whatever I smell is long lasting and a major turn off, almost very difficult to disengage with, that is why I think I am a lover of perfumes because it is good to smell good. Bad breath, mouth odour, body odour and stuffy clothing are a big big turn off for majority of persons on a first meeting with the opposite sex.

No one should gamble with bad smells though there are cases where they just exist in some persons but at the same time there are many ways to manage or eradicate them be it bad breath, mouth odour or body odour. A bad odour that was once experienced could cause repeated urge to throw up whenever some persons remember the incidence of the bad smell; that is how critical it is. Extra hygiene should be practice with the use of the right products.

The Tongue
You may not use your tongue during the first meeting until the first extraordinary meeting or when the meeting has improved to living together as family. The first aspect of this is how tasty your meals now become especially meals cooked by the female who is now the wife. I know guys who have gotten married to their partners because they know how to cook tasty meals and this is one reality that really surprised me as I often do not attach too much attention to meals but not saying I do not appreciate tasty meals.

There is the more intimate aspect of tasting or wholly put, the use of the mouth during sexual intercourse. The practice or non practice of this might make a marriage or even break it in some silly cases. This practice should be learnt if need be and encouraged for the good of it.

Tasty meals and juicy orals are very relevant in enriching the body and soul of both partners at all times. The man and the woman should pay very good attention to the preparation and execution.
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