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The 5 Types of Girls You May Meet in Nigeria

The Friendly Predator
These set of girls put up the not too money conscious type of behavior, they may not initiate a bargain during meeting arrangements and if you attempt to do that they will discourage you and emphasize that you are an adult and you know what is good for a girl.

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They may just say ‘leave that till I come’ or better still they do not like discussing money before meeting as it’s not all about money. They put you at ease and make you feel like they do not really care about the money aspect of the meeting. 

On arrival at the meeting place, they go straight to business without much hesitation while ensuring you do not even start any discussion with regard to the cost of their services. Fast forward to after all have been done you may then want to ask again how much she may want you to give to her and she will indicate you should what is good for a girl of her type. 

Whatever amount you offer her at this point, so long as it’s not on the exorbitant side will be rebuffed by her; she may start with ‘this is too poor, you do not expect me to accept this peanut from you’. ‘I thought you were an adult but never knew you could be so inconsiderate’. The attempt here is to break you down emotionally and make you feel so guilty about yourself; you may catch the foolishness syndrome and want to please her because you are caught off guard. 

All pleas at this point will be met with more abusive utterances and possibly threat of drawing attention by raising her voice, she will deliberately batter you psychologically till you part with a good chunk of cash and off she goes with smiles.

To be safe in this case, ensure you do not play the good man with call girls, they are all in for the money and you should not expect anything more than that. Be strictly business like and maintain that you need the pricing sorted out before she even leave her location to come and meet you or vice versa; essentially ensure this is documented through messaging. If she attempt to breach this agreement be prepared to match her word for word and action for action and do not back down at whatever point so long as you know you have not gone against any of the agreements. 

Do not be scared of drawing others in if worst come to worst, you may even be leading the way for others to follow who have also become victims of such manipulative acts. Be rest assured that such girls will back out when they discover you are ready to go it dirty with them.

The Ratio 1 to 2
These types of call girls will engage you on the pricing if you so desire but insist on a higher amount for as long as they can and may eventually give in to your own demands with regards to the amount to give to them. They will come, get to business and stop half way without rendering the full services required of them. 

They will lock up and be poised for a showdown if you want to talk them into giving full services as is required and agreed, these types are usually the greedy type of girls and as well dubious in nature.

You need to stand your ground here and tell her you cannot go with the partial services she has offered, let her know you will as well slash the amount you intend giving to match the offered services. If she did collect the money before she rendered the services, then you have lost out, you have to let her go as she will make sure you do not get that money at all cost. 

To prevent this always ensure you conclude to do it once, twice or thrice alongside that amount to paid for the services and until this is done do not get into the act.

The Time Killer
These types of girls are the friendliest and usually use this tactics when they do not really like the guy they have to go down with. They get involved in all kinds of gist ranging from fake lies, fallacies, black lies, lies and possibly some truth to complete the circle, they talk you into the entire time you were suppose be useful and demand to go to the bathroom when they discover you are bent on going down. 

They probably will spend quite a lot of time the bathroom to further deplete your time and could also order you or reorder you to take your bath as well to waste more time. At the end you become exhausted and may have no much strength to get down in a good form, eventually sleeping off. 

They will wake up early and watch you sleep to wake up so late that they will be in a hurry to leave complaining they would want to leave in broad daylight.

This tactics usually work well for such girls and there is nothing you can do about it if does work well, you are a loser here for sure.

The Sniff the Cash
These girls are wolves in sheep clothing; they have one and an only intention which is to get at your cash. They will take any amount of money you offer them so long as it is averagely okay after sniffing that there are some extra cash in your custody. 

They are very friendly, outspoken and will tell you stories you will definitely be able to discern as lies; their eyes are always scanning the room to see where you possibly could keep cash. These girls can correctly estimate how much there is in a bundle of cash once they sight one. 

They may or may not spike your drink, wait for you to fall asleep and go straight to where your cash is collect a sizeable amount depending on where you kept the money; if it is kept in an expected place, they may take an amount you may not notice but if you hide the money in a place that is too secretive, they may take all of it knowing full well that you cannot check to see if they money is there why they around as you may not want them to know you hide your money.

The best way to handle these sorts of girls when you notice their intentions is to avoid spending the night with them. A girl has once stolen a guy’s cash, rolled it and slips it into her front hole but she was unlucky that the guy noticed and asked her to strip which she did but with her laps tightly together. The guy eventually parted her laps and saw the cash in her hole. She let her off with the cash though.

The Win-Win
These are normal girls, good girls so to speak who are straight forward in going down with you. They tell you what they want and they give you what you want. They take it upon themselves to ensure you enjoyed their company and the right value for your money. 

The bad aspect is that some guys take advantage of these girls and exploit them though in most cases they make so many good friends who are always there to help them in many small ways because of their positive attitude.

Most of these types of girls are doing this to make ends meet and are willing to stop being call girls once they meet a guy who decides to take them in as a girlfriend. Most of these types of girls have end up getting married to their clients and eventually becoming good house wives.
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