Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Olajumoke: Me, My Virginity and Valentine

I am 23 years old, the youngest of three daughters and my name is Olajumoke. I knew too much about boy girl relationship even before I became an adult. My immediate elder sister is older than me with eight years but two of them always let me in about their experiences without holding back for reasons I now understand partially.

Unfortunately for them they all had their virginity taken from them within different valentine weeks this really wore me down so that I was then very conscious of the need not to have my virginity snatched from me in disturbing circumstances.

Funke was the one before me she was so fond of a cousin brother of ours by name Olamide, they were of same age bracket and were the closest of friends that people do call them 'lovers'. No day passed without Olamide popping in to say hi to Funke which eventually ends up with doing school homework or assignments together but what happened that day eventually would surprise you. 

This day February 13, Funke was all alone in the house when Olamide visited, little did she know that was the day she would lose her virginity and on top of that, the person responsible and the manner it happened was absurd. When mum and I came back home Funke was sobbing clutching a part of the lower end of her gown which had blood stains, Olamide was sitting dazed and in a sorry state. 

Olamide had gone out to get some drugs for Funke because she was feverish, in his absence Dapo had come looking for Olamide when he met Funke alone in the house just wearing a gown. The rest is history Funke was raped by Dapo who disappeared before Olamide came back with the drugs he had bought; Dapo was Olamide’s best pal.

Bose is the immediate elder to Funke, people say she is older than her age, she is bulky very outspoken. Dad has taken her along to the village to inspect a building project but she never came back the same again. She was just 13 years old and was drugged by a man as old as dad and deflowered. 

The man has mental issues, the whole village is aware and dad was blamed for letting Bose get out his sight into Baba’s apartment. This happened February 17, Bose slept all through that day and woke up late that night by then she has been cleaned up and didn’t have a clue of what really transpired until many years later.

After all these experiences, I vowed to do my thing myself, I decided not to ever let any man rupture my hymen and that was the story of me, my virginity and valentine. I bought a dildo February 13, set it up February 14 and broke my hymen myself in the most pleasurable way I could. 

February 15 I did it once again and I just did it again this February 16 before submitting this story. I now owe myself everything, that experience now belong to me and me alone, it was my decision, my way and my fun. 

Girls out there, stop giving out that special moment, let it just be you, yourself and your dildo on the day you break that hymen and thereafter at your own time you can decide to go human.
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