Monday, 25 January 2016

The 3 Main Types of Sex

Private Sex
This is the type of sex that involve a husband and a wife, a man and a girlfriend who are in a union or a relationship. This usually takes place because of an emotional attachment between the both parties who have sexual obligations to each other.

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The motive, the commitment and the fact that all are aware that they both belong to each other and cannot participate in any sexual act with any other person other than both of them is what makes it a private sex. Money does not exchange hands as direct reward for this act of sex.

Commercial Sex
Those who engage in this type of sex are primarily the commercial sex workers or call girls and this also includes any other type of sex where money directly exchanges hands as a compensation for the act of sex. 

Commercial sex is such act of love making that takes place after negotiating financial or other benefits either for the male or the female. The primary necessity of this sex is to earn or gain something.

Public Sex
Public sex refers to any act of love making that is carried out for the purpose of public consumption and this refers to any act that is documented by any medium. No matter who is involved in this act, it becomes public sex if a video recording or photo shots of the act is generated to document the exercise. 

Most especially third parties usually carry out this documentation and materials are sold to the public as phonographic contents, on the other hand parties involved may do the documentation themselves even if it is not intended for public consumption but the fact that act has be documented renders it a public sex.

Any kind of sex could be any kind of sex depending on the factors involved before, during and after the sex act.
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