Wednesday, 6 January 2016

6 Security Tips For First Timers In Nigeria

If you plan to be in any Nigerian city for a couple of weeks or you just relocated to that city, be sure to arm yourself with the following information.

1. Know the nearest Police Station to you 
Try to have the address, mobile number and know the physical location of the nearest Police Station to where you reside. The Nigerian Police may not be as friendly but one fact remains that you always have the upper hand if you are the first to make a police report as a complainant.

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If you sense trouble coming make a complaint to the police immediately but be sure you have a genuine complaint or you may incur their wrath.

2. Follow the Nigerian Police Headquarters twitter handle

As backup to knowing the nearest police station to you, you should follow the twitter handle made available by the police headquarters. This will enable you report any abuse by Police officers to the police authorities but be sure you indicate specific identity of the officer(s), the patrol van registration number and or location of incidence. 

In doing this be guided that no police officer has the right to seize or search the content of your mobile phone.
3. Know the nearest Catholic Church Parish
I am not a Catholic but I appreciate the fact the church is the best organized religious organization in the world and I respect that. Be sure that the parish has a resident priest in the church premises and you may visit the church and know the priest and have his contact details. 

The priests are connected and respected in any city and they may be of valuable help on divers’ issues but as a matter of choice you may chose to know the pastor of whichever denomination you belong. For other faiths, you can apply the above as it relates to your faith.                                                                                                                            

4. Know the nearest Army Barrack or Checkpoint

It is very important you know the Army Barrack or Military checkpoint closest to you. The Nigerian Army is more daring and reliable even on matters that are within the police jurisdiction because of the military discipline they posses. 

They can wade into certain matters based on personal relationship before passing the matter to the police for continuation and be rest assured that issues that had involved the military will not be toyed with by the police.                                                                                                                

5. Get the mobile number of your hotel manager

Meet the hotel manager where you are lodging and get to know him one on one and have his mobile number. He is your host and you can reach him on various matters for assistance which he will be obliged to do for you. 

Know the location of an alternate hotel and feel free to move from your current hotel if you do not feel comfortable staying there anymore.                                  

6. Get the mobile number of your landlord 
If you rented an apartment then make sure you know and have the mobile number of the landlord; it will not be enough to just have the contacts of the agent of the landlord. If you bought a house, then it is important you make friends with someone in the neighborhood who you can trust and who has been residing there for years before you moved in.

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