Sunday, 13 December 2015

Funny and New Truths About Fans and Celebrities

Fans can be likened to a fan because they provide the cool breeze that makes the celebrity cool and comfortable; they have therefore been categorized as follows.

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Hand Fans
These are fans that comprise the ordinary citizenry whose social status is lower than yours. They are the diehard fans that can argue, fight, get hurt and may sacrifice their lives in trying to promote who you are and what you do without any financial gain in return; celebrities has too much control over the mentality of these set of fans.

In some cases celebrities turn around and talk down this set of fans oblivious of the fact that these are the fans that make their shows big, these are the fans that buy their brands, and these are the little drop of water that makes the mighty ocean. 

Minimum requirement of this fan base for celebrities should be 99.9%

Table Fans
These are those fans who are celebrities just like you are in whichever endeavour. The table they sit is the celebrity activity that uplifts them to become celebrity. The way a celebrity relates to this fan base is very crucial because the relationship here can be termed survival of the fittest; these fans can hurt you and send you sliding down your career. 

They are the ones that out of competition determines what outfit you choose, what car you drive, the places you go and they put you on your toes always to ensure you maintain and improve your celebrity status so as not be seen as a mediocre or a failure. 

Too much of this fan base is not good for a celebrity though a good network of this would be very beneficial once in a while. 

Maximum requirement of this fan base should be 0.001%

Standing Fans
These are fans whose social status equals, a bit lower or a bit higher than yours but are not celebrities per say. They have an appreciable amount of financial comfort that brought them to this level. These set of fans appreciates you and do not have any reason to compete with you for whatever gain. They are the ones that may keep the money coming in in 'dry seasons' by engaging you in in-house shows that pays. 

Here you can justify the fact that a friend in need is a friend indeed, these are the fans that pay for VIP and a table for 10 so to speak in events you organise. 

The minimum requirement of this fan base should be 0.01%

Ceiling Fans

These are fans whose social status are high up there above yours but may or may not be celebrities as such. They have enough wealth to make you feel like a chicken before them and may never attend your events. They are the big shots in the world yet they follow you privately; you may be glad you have one of this out of a billion fans. 

The minimum requirement of this fan base should be 0.0000001%.

Rate yourself as a celebrity and grade yourself as a fan and keep improving!
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