Monday, 30 November 2015

The Word Hegenenesusas

I believe in things that happen in the night so much as those that take place in the day; I believe the necessity to hustle in the day and to predominantly rest in the night; I believe in the learning of the broad day and the knowledge the dead night.

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I was fast asleep on a particular day in the last quarter of the year 1996 when I saw a hand wrote 'hegenenesusas' on a wall.

It was catchy more so that I immediately pen it down as soon as I woke up from my sleep. What a word! I began to ponder, the first comparison I could fetch to my mind was that word recorded in the Bible as seen written on a wall that Daniel eventually interpreted to mean doom for the king at that time in Babylon. 

I had no immediate interpretation of this new word made up of 13 characters, some repeated some not but I kept this word to myself for so long and thought of the meaning whenever and wherever it crosses my mind.

Somewhere in 2011 during one of my pondering over the meaning of the word, I got a convincing breakthrough. The meaning of the word came to my mind and the interpretation was this simple: Hege means father, Nene means mother and Susas means daughter. Even at that there was still a lot to get to know about this word having gotten the breakdown of its meaning in my own understanding.

On a nutshell, the word Hegenenesusas simply means Family. 
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