Tuesday, 27 June 2017

I Dated You To Divert Attention: I Want To Be 2nd Wife To Your Married Brother

A young woman Mleya has created a very big rift between two blood brothers Jabulani and Melusi. Jabulani is a married man while his younger brother Melusi is single. The young woman Mleya who was known to be dating Melusi was caught red handed with Jabulani having sex.

"Melusi caught his brother having sex with Mleya and a fight ensued. Their other brother who tried to stop the fight was injured in the process" narrated Nombeko a relative of the two who according to B-Metro was disgusted with Mleya behaviour.

Mleya was even adamant and made it clear she only was dating Melusi just to divert attention from his relationship with Jabulani. She was avoiding situation where people will scorn her for dating a married man.

"Elders called a meeting but it became worse when Mleya made it clear that she was not parting ways with the married Jabulani, in the process choosing to be his second wife" Narrated the relative.

Melusi did not take this double betrayal lightly as he felt what happened was unforgivable and the best option was to give his elder brother and girlfriend space for them to carry on with what has kept the villagers busy with gossips.

"I am thinking of going to South Africa for good. What these people did is unforgivable" insisted Melusi.

According to The Zimbabwe Mail Jabulani and Mleya insisted they have nothing to say about the issue which was even complicated by Jabulani's wife clearly indicating that she was not ready to accept a younger wife in her matrimonial home.
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