Tuesday, 13 December 2016

3 Ways To Know Your Woman Is Into You

Women normally have some issues they only share with their fellow women and hardly do they bring these to the attention of their male partner or spouses. When a woman habitually engage in these three issues with her partner or spouse, there is every tendency that she must be trustworthy, caring and faithful.

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1. Horny Mood
Some cultures may frown at women who boldly tells their partners or spouses that they need sex, they would rather resort to body language which is still not bad. Most partners or spouses do not share the same bed as always believed but rather sleep in different beds either within the same house or with the other sleeping outside the home due to career necessities.

A woman who boldly tell her partner or spouse that she is horny is doing that because she sees her partner or spouse as her only source of sex but the manner with which she presents her case should be in tune with the prevailing culture of both partners or spouses.

Some women would prefer never to tell their partners or spouses when they are horny for the fear that they may be tagged sex maniac or sex needy persons. This treatment has very bad implications and may result to the woman being withdrawn and constrained. She may due to cultural requirements keep such issues to herself and fall for the temptation to have extra marital affairs.

2. Menstrual Period
Most male partners or spouses may only get to know that their female partners or spouses are on their menstrual period at the point of need for sex. There also may be indications when the man stumbles across menstrual pads or menstrual stained clothing in the house.

Women who inform their spouses or partners at the beginning of their menstrual circle do so for good reasons. Certain women pass through a lot of pains during menstruation but not that they cannot keep to themselves. The basis for updating their partner in this case is to see that the partner or spouse see them through these periods of pain as a bonding process.

The most important factor to note about a woman revealing her menstrual circle is that it gives her partner or spouse every clue about all her sexual activities within and maybe outside. Most women will therefore not share their menstrual periods with their spouse or partners because they do not want to answer questions of delayed periods that may be due to unfaithfulness.

3. Climax Quest
Love making in a relationship could cement the union or disintegrate the relationship overtime because of certain little details that are taken for granted. Aside procreation the essence of sex can never be overemphasized; sex serves as a way of exercise, emotional communication and physique adoration.

It may seem very easy to know when a man ejaculate during love making but it takes the very good woman to know if the man is sexually satisfied even after ejaculating. Premature ejaculation is a serious source of frustration in men and only good women show concern about whether the man had climax during the ejaculation.

Women who have continuous habit of making sure their man climax during ejaculation by showing empathy are the best of the women folks. These women make everything practically and emotionally possible to make sure their partners or spouse enjoy every moment of sex they have with them. This should never be misinterpreted as desperation but rather as sign for you to know that your woman is good.
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