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Learn Secret Messages Behind Girls Social Media Photos

Every photo on social media has an intended message it is conveying to persons who care to see beyond just the photo. I will touch on some photos that Nigerian ladies post on social media and the messages they intend to convey with the photos.

Every girl needs a regular guy who she can call her own but not all girls have the patient or attitude to actually keep one because the guys they meet may be hard for them to cope and put up with in a relationship. After several disappointments some of such girls tends to convey a message like 'I am sweet' come get me through photos they post on social media. Some may be wooing guys to themselves with this photo either for paid sex or for a stable relationship.

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The 'I am sweet' message is conveyed in a photo with the girl sticking out her tongue a little bit in a sexy manner. The sticking out of the tongue varies with every girl, it could be curled up, down or sideways but all mean the same thing.

There is the slight difference between the I love sex photo and I hate big pleasure sticks photo and it is very important to take good note of that so as to avoid misinterpreting the intent of the message. Certain girls are just hot in bed, they love sex and get wet at the sight of a pleasure stick. Such girls when they see a man they fancy, try to visualize the size of his pleasure stick and how good he could be in bed. To them sex is one very good thing that has ever happened to the human race.

Girls in trying to communicate their love for sex, post photos of them fingering their camel toe unlike the 'I hate big pleasure stick' type that try to cover her camel toe instead.

This is common with girls whose main priority is to get married; they are probably girls who needs handy sex whenever they want it or girls who have reached the marriage bracket but are yet to get a guy for that purpose. Most of these girls really would not care if the guy is the right one or not, they just need a normal man who can meet their sexual needs without having to jump from one guy to the other and on the other hand they may strongly have the urge to procreate and have kids of their own because they are over due for marriage.

The 'I am single' photo is taken purposely to display the wedding finger with calculated emphasis to communicate to a man that there is no ring on it and an open invitation to 'come put a ring on it!

Majority of girls would not do dogie until after they know and trust the guy because dogie to a girl is like giving a blank cheque. She turns her back to a guy allowing him to do whatever without the girl having any sight or touch control except to moan or scream. This is an act of friendship, an act of trust putting into consideration the size of the man's pleasure stick and also that he can dig as deep as he wants with no restriction.

On top of this, there are girls who just love dogie no matter what or who is involved but it is common that most girls would rather send a coded message that they love dogie rather than tell you outright that they do. The girl who love dogie communicates this by showing you her backside in a seductive way but not quite like the one trying to display her ass as an asset.

A larger proportion of girls who love blow job would hide the fact that they love giving head for reasons tied to self esteem but girls needs to know that as sucking the nipples is to men so also is sucking the pleasure stick should be to women. Therefore girls should be free to give blow jobs to their guys though some would only do that at the beginning by bargaining that you give them head for a head but thereafter they just do the thing as a routine before sex.

The smaller proportion of girls just love blow job and it is the first point of call regardless of whether it is the first time or not. They just love it just as some guys love sucking boobs first and first only before sex. Girls who love blow jobs post photos of themselves sticking a finger into their mouth to drive the point home.


A pleasure stick may become a pain stick to a girl when it is too massive for her to accommodate for comfort. I once listen to a girl who narrated how she was scared to death on her first contact with a massive pleasure stick and how she refused to have sex with the guy but thereafter her girlfriend had told her to go for it and that the guy may cum quickly and her pains will be short lived. That was exactly what happened, before she knew it it was over within a short space of time.

Girls who do not like massive pleasure sticks communicate this on social media by posting photos of them covering their camel toe with their palm. They are already telling you that 'I will block you off if you are too big for comfort.'

Some girls are ready to give it their all in making sure their man feel loved, they shower their partner so much love because they want to surpass whatever love and care any girl out there could give to any man. They are driven to give more because they do not want to be seen as giving less than any other girl can give but a funny aspect is that some of such girls are a bit carefree and not all that jealous which then is a gap of concern.

A girl tries to communicate 'I can love you more' by posting photos of her squeezing her lips in a kiss mode and some other would blow kisses.

Massive boobs turn heads and that could be due to amazement, lust or appreciation of the size of the boobs. Girls with big boobs are always proud of what they have and most girls wish they have at least a sizable boobs because of it's ability to draw attention from both male and female observers just like massive ass does.

The 'I got boobs' message is twofold, to communicate to you that she has a sizable boobs but most importantly that the boobs is where you can do the work to turn her on. In some cases such girls can reach orgasm if you able to do a good work on their boobs. The 'I got boobs' message therefore is sent by posting a photo of the boobs without bra to ensure the nipples are hard and noticeable.

To men all over, an ass is an abbreviation of an asset because all girls with big asses gets the most attention even of guys who love girls who are skinny. For me there is difference between an ass and a buttocks in ladies; ass is that big round backside that can bounce rhythmically and buttocks is the normal soft backside. The female ass has an unexplained way of getting to the head of men and women alike, I once overheard a girl describing the movement of a fellow female ass as one like an earthquake.

Girls with big asses are always proud of it and they tend to communicate this message to you by posting photos of their asses in social media from such angle that will make you scream wao!

Certain girls do not really get satisfied in bed with just one partner probably because their cum time is longer or they need double stimulation on the go to climax. In the case of cum time, the average cum time of guys is shorter than what such girls require to reach orgasm, so they better have two guys simultaneously to do the job effectively. On the other hand, some girls just need double simulation, they need something on either the nipple or a kiss alongside the dick being in the vagina that is why they would always prefer two persons to get the job done. These girls would therefore prefer a guy and a girl for threesome in the case of double stimulation or two guys in the case of longer cum time.

Girls that love threesome would not verbally indicate their desire because it is something out of the normal in any relationship. The 'I love threesome' message is communicated by a girl placing two fingers on her camel toe.

Credits: Photos culled from Badoo.
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