Sunday, 23 July 2017

Angela Merkel Lost Same Sex Marriage Battle In Germany

A total of 623 parliamentarians were seated to decide the contentious issue of same sex marriage in Berlin the German capital and the votes were eventually 393 voting for same sex marriage, 226 voting against same sex marriage while 4 decided against voting. 

At the end of the day same sex marriage was legalised in Germany but there were facts to note with regards to the same sex marriage being legal in Germany.

1 The German Chancellor Angela Merkel was stoutly against same sex marriage and she even voted against it but that is all she could do as far as modern democracy is concerned. She strongly believe that marriage is a man and woman thing as clearly taught by traditional Christians.

2 Two political parties in Germany, Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union were also vehemently against same sex marriage; Angela Merkel belongs to the Christian Democratic Union.

3 A political party called the Social Democrats played a major role in ensuring Angela Merkel allow the same sex marriage vote to take place, they made it clear that that is what will guarantee their continual working together in other aspects.

4 Same sex marriage couples in Germany will now be allowed to adopt children because it is well known that it takes a man and woman to make children which is lacking in same sex marriage unions.

The final fate of the bill will be decided by the German upper house of parliament and in most cases that may just be a formality because having gone through the lower house, the upper house definitely will assent along the same line to make the bill a full law in Germany.
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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Man Beats Wife Up Because She Wants His Big Manhood

I would rather be fine with an SBM than to suffer with a BFN, this was probably what Trish must have decided in her mind when she confronted her husband Thabani on that fateful day. 
In case you are wondering what the acronyms means, I will educate you here and now: SBM means 'small but mighty' while BFN stands for 'big for nothing'. The wife was very proud of the husband's big penis but she was always disappointed because the husband cannot last long in bed.

"He just sleeps on top of me and after about four minutes he would be done. I would be still having urge to indulge but he just sleeps next to me. When I ask him to continue with the act he would say I am troublesome and promiscuous" lamented Trish.

On the day that Trisha confronted her husband about the situation, she did that just to ensure they talk it over and get a solution together but the husband would never have any of that as he felt demeaned and resorted to violence beating her up.

"After I discovered the problem and seeing that we have to save our marriage I spoke to him but he got angry and accused me of seeing other men. I stood my ground and told him that he fails to satisfy me in bed although he has a big thing. It gets flaccid after a few minutes of action" she narrated.

The wife has no choice than to take the matter to court in order to put an end to the serious beating she received from the husband. The husband on his side did not deny the fact that he mercilessly beat her up and was honest enough to confirm the wife's accusation.

"At the moment I am at loss of words and I don't know what to do. I beat her out of anger because she insulted me saying I was as useless as an ox" the husband admitted. He even went further to indicate that he has been to traditional herbal doctors to seek for help but could not get a lasting solution.

The presiding magistrate sternly warned the husband never to beat the wife again but rather they should go for counselling according to The Zimbabwe Mail.
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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Girlfriend Orders Wife To Sleep On The Floor In Her Matrimonial Home

Judith is a dare devil lady who against all odds have decided to follow her heart and damn the consequences. She has formed the habit of visiting her boyfriend Douglas on regular basis in his matrimonial home knowing fully well that Douglas is married and living with his wife.

Nakei the wife of Douglas got fed up with the whole exercise because each time the husband's girlfriend come visiting she always order the wife to sleep on the floor while she had sex with the husband. The girlfriend would usually come and spend up to a week prompting the wife to sue the girlfriend in a magistrate's court.

"Your worship, my husband's girlfriend started visiting our house this year in February and ever since she comes and goes as she pleases. Whenever she comes she orders me to sleep on the floor and has sex with my husband while I'm watching. I hate her behaviour and I don't want her to come to my house" lamented the wife.

The wife who is a non violent woman, had tried too talk sense into her husband's girlfriend but she would not listen and had therefore decided she could not put up with the husband's girlfriend because she is ill mannered.

"I tried to talk to her woman to woman so that she can at least do whatever she does with my husband away from my home but she told me she's here to stay and I'm the one who will go and leave her in my house"

"Whenever she's in my house she uses my property including my blankets, pots and she never washes them. She also uses the toilet and does not clean after her mess" lamented the wife.

The girlfriend Judith on the contrary denied all the allegations, she claimed she had known Douglas for 26 years and also admitted she know Douglas has been married to the wife for 22 years. According to The Zimbabwe Mail, the girlfriend further said she only went to Douglas house because he stole her documents which she wanted to retrieve.

"We have been renting a house together and he usually came to my house to spend days and therefore I feel like he's my husband too" 

"I only go there because I need my documents and besides I'm not a small house because I fell in love with Douglas 26 years ago. He introduced me and my kids to his mother so I'm his wife too" narrated the girlfriend Judith.

"Ms Judith, you shall stay away from Douglas' residence and shall not conduct yourself in a manner which is likely to result in a breach of peace" ordered the presiding magistrate.
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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Father Ask His Son To Sleep With His Mother

Mr. Midrof took a weird decision to convince his wife Kerida to sleep with two of his relatives and the wife did not hesitate to grab the offer. The wife initially was sleeping with the husband's nephew by name Jefias before being passed to his son Saxson.

Kerida was said to have been sleeping with the husband's nephew Jefias until he died prompting the husband to make the alternative arrangement for the wife to sleep with his son Saxson. The man reportedly traveled out town for two months after firming the arrangement between his son and the step mother, this he did to allow them time to bond without distraction.

It did not take long before Kerida's children noticed that Saxson their step brother was sleeping with their mother and thereafter decided to report the matter to the village head who in turn took the matter to the village chief.

During the trial of Kerida and Saxson in the village court, they both confessed that whole idea was hatched by Midrof their husband and father respectively. Midrof thought the only way to cover his impotency as well as to stop his wife from leaving him for other men was to hand her over to first his nephew then his son to help him out.

"I presided over a matter whereby a man was having an incestuous relationship with his stepmother after being asked by his father whose manhood no longer functions." narrated Chief Nemangwe.

According to The Zimbabwe Mail, B-Metro has it that the man was fined accordingly for his misdeed as a consequence.

"I ordered the man to pay a cow for putting his wife and son in such awkwards positions" concluded Chief Nemangwe.
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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Police Shot And Brutally Beat Boy For Having Large Penis

A young boy of 17 had miraculously survived several gunshots fired by cops but was thereafter beaten black and blue just because he has a very large penis. The teenager Jamal is now in a critical condition at the Detroit Medical Centre.
"Jamal has always had a large penis, even when he was just a kid. Never would I have thought he would get harmed in any way because of this" Lamented Jennabelle the boy's mother.

"Of course black people have larger penises, it ain't no freekin' reason to shoot at them" She had said.

Local press had it that Jamal's erect penis was mistaken for a concealed pistol in his pants. When the female bank cashier saw the erect penis which clearly looks like a weapon she panicked and raised alarm which drew bank security who started shooting at him as he attempted to escape.

"He reached for something in his pants, I thought it was a gun" narrated Sandy who is the bank cashier. Eyewitness and camera footage also confirmed that Jamal "sturdily manipulated his penis with both his hands."

This incidence happened at Detroit Liberty Bank according to the Standard Digital. Jamal who has been cleared and declared innocent is now in an artificially induced coma owing to the heavy beaten meted him by cops. 

Jamal's mother had a different opinion about the incidence, she is of the opinion that his son was beaten mercilessly even after surviving the several gunshots because he was black, emphasizing that same would not have happened if he was white. 
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I Dated You To Divert Attention: I Want To Be 2nd Wife To Your Married Brother

A young woman Mleya has created a very big rift between two blood brothers Jabulani and Melusi. Jabulani is a married man while his younger brother Melusi is single. The young woman Mleya who was known to be dating Melusi was caught red handed with Jabulani having sex.

"Melusi caught his brother having sex with Mleya and a fight ensued. Their other brother who tried to stop the fight was injured in the process" narrated Nombeko a relative of the two who according to B-Metro was disgusted with Mleya behaviour.

Mleya was even adamant and made it clear she only was dating Melusi just to divert attention from his relationship with Jabulani. She was avoiding situation where people will scorn her for dating a married man.

"Elders called a meeting but it became worse when Mleya made it clear that she was not parting ways with the married Jabulani, in the process choosing to be his second wife" Narrated the relative.

Melusi did not take this double betrayal lightly as he felt what happened was unforgivable and the best option was to give his elder brother and girlfriend space for them to carry on with what has kept the villagers busy with gossips.

"I am thinking of going to South Africa for good. What these people did is unforgivable" insisted Melusi.

According to The Zimbabwe Mail Jabulani and Mleya insisted they have nothing to say about the issue which was even complicated by Jabulani's wife clearly indicating that she was not ready to accept a younger wife in her matrimonial home.
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Monday, 26 June 2017

Man Who Married At 16 Needs Govt Support For His 176 Children

Mutone married his first wife at the age of 16 and at 65 he already had 13 wives and 176 children. He has about 40 children in the primary school, about 30 in the secondary school while up to 10 of his children are in the university with the rest working or yet to enter schools.

"I have tried to feed my 13 wives and over 170 children and it is not easy. I request the Government to at least sponsor 30 of my children in secondary schools and tertiary institutions" He appealed.

Mutone who is a businessman even have plans to establish his own nursery and primary school to probably ease the financial burden of educating his children. He had five pair of twins and his is still expecting more kids because six of his wives are presently pregnant and besides he said he is still strong enough to have more kids because of his diet of no alchohol, no sugar and no smoking.

"Two of my wives who gave birth to twins are in Kampala and Isingiro, working as midwives, while another two - Haniffer Kabasomi and Jane Tuhaise - work as nurses. My youngest wife is 25 and the eldest is 50 but I have about 10 girlfriends before I married officially and they all delivered the same year" He narrated.

Some of Mutone's wives live in Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi and he said he has a special book where he records the birth of every child that is born. According to the Ugadan New Vision, Mutone faces the pressure of trying to cope with the wives living outside Uganda.

"I receive about 10 calls every day from different wives who want attention but I cannot be everywhere. I have seven wives in Kagadi alone. I do not have any challenge of supporting them because some of them support themselves since they work"

Mutone seems to be a good disciplinarian according to one of his son Kyaise who is 40 years old and working with a security firm as Chief Security Officer.

"We were groomed by our father to be responsible, have good morals and work hard. The only challenged is the big number of dependants of other wives who have children aged between 4 and 13 years" Narrated Kyaise.

Mutone has 90 grand children and have children working as civil servants, soldiers, teachers with some his wives working as midwives and nurses in hospitals.
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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Pastor Kills His Wife For Refusing Him Sex

A 54 year old pastor has broken one of the ten commandments that he was supposed to uphold by killing his 44 year old wife. The pastor of the Zion Church in Gwanda had strike his wife with a hoe handle twice when she refused to allow him have sex with her.
"I can confirm that we have arrested a man who killed his wife after she denied him conjugal rights. He handed himself to the police after committing the crime. We are investigating the matter" Narrated Inspector Philisani.

Ncube's wife Khumalo had been complaining of not feeling well and therefore has been telling the husband all the time that she could not have sex because of her condition.

"Ma Khumalo had been complaining of a sharp pain in her womb for some days. I think it was very intense and might have made sex uncomfortable. With our men of nowadays, they think if you can't have sex with them, you might be having it with someone else" A source narrated.

Ncube got really angry when the wife again told her she could not have sex with him when he desperately needed sex and resorted to violence.

"I heard some people say all was not well at their homestead. On Wednesday night there was shouting and we could hear it through the night. The following morning we heard Ncube had been arrested and his wife was dead." Narrated a source.

According to The Zimbabwe Mail, Inspector Ndebele had urged members of the public to shun violence and resolve issues peacefully.

"We are advising people to see counselling from other family members, church leaders or traditional leaders when in disputes. Fighting is never a solution but results in unnecessary loss of lives and injuries which also result in offenders being jailed." he said.
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